Who would win Venom or Thor?

5 Would Demolish Him: Thor
He might be able to slow him down, but Thor's sheer might, combined with the power of Mjolnir, would be too much for Venom to handle. Venom is tough but Thor is tougher.

Who would win Hulk or Venom?

Based on this information, we can conclude that the winner would be Hulk. Despite Venom being faster and a better strategist, he would still lose because of Worldbreaker Hulk. Even with his healing factor gone, Hulk has the durability to last way longer than Venom because he's incredibly stronger.

Can Venom defeat Avengers?

Venom can defeat Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Shang-Chi, and he would lose to Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange.

Who will win Spider-Man or Venom?

Spider-Man Beats Venom

So when it comes down to raw power, Venom is easily superior due to having higher levels of strength and speed. As well as this, Venom has untethered levels of aggression which makes him generally a lot more violent. However, Spidey does have some serious advantages over Venom.

Who all can defeat Venom?

Venom: 7 Spider-Man Villains He Can Beat In A Fight (& 7 He'd Lose To)
  1. 1 LOSE TO: Red Goblin. The tables would be turned on Venom though if he encountered the Red Goblin.
  2. 2 CAN BEAT: Green Goblin. ...
  3. 3 LOSE TO: Morlun. ...
  4. 4 CAN BEAT: Doctor Octopus. ...
  5. 5 LOSE TO: Regent. ...
  6. 6 CAN BEAT: Lizard. ...
  7. 7 LOSE TO: Molten Man. ...
  8. 8 CAN BEAT: Mysterio. ...

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Is Shang-Chi stronger than Venom?

Venom 2 beats Shang-Chi, gets biggest box office opening of the pandemic. Let there be carnage indeed…at the box office. Venom: Let There Be Carnage won big in its first weekend, raking in $90.1 million in North America, according to SyFy Wire.

Is Venom evil or good?

Since his debut however, Venom has evolved into an antiheroic figure, slowly distancing himself from his initial goal to ruin Spider-Man's life to try and do good instead, even putting aside his differences with and helping Spider-Man at times.

Can Tobey beat Venom?

Only Tobey Maguire can beat venom, the best spiderman.

What age is Venom?

The USA has Venom at a PG-13 rating, which means anyone under 13 needs a parent or guardian to accompany them to the cinema.

Who would win Venom or Ironman?

1 Would Demolish Him: Iron Man

Even if Iron Man didn't know Venom's weaknesses, his computer system could access the information, and Iron Man could tailor his attacks to them, allowing him to pick up a quick win against Venom.

Can Thor beat Carnage?

While Carnage would win a battle against Captain America, it's going to lead to a war he can't win when word of the fight gets to Thor. Carnage may be able to give Thor a decent fight, but the God of Thunder has too much power at his hands for Carnage to be able to defeat him.

Why is Venom scared?

The movie doesn't clearly state why, but Venom is probably afraid of Carnage because Carnage doesn't have the moral restrictions that Venom does. They are alien symbiotes. This means they need another living host to bond with if they're going to survive long-term.

Who would win Venom or Superman?

Marvel and DC actually pitted these two super-powered beings against each other in All Access #1...and shockingly, Venom is actually stronger than Superman.

Who is king of Venom?

Eddie Brock is the new King in Black in the Marvel Universe, and with his new powers, he's become one of the strongest heroes ever. In Venom #200, readers learn what happened to Venom after he defeated Knull, the God of Symbiotes.

Can Venom beat Ghostrider?

Ghost Rider recently ascended to the role of All-Rider, with fantastic new powers that he uses to beat Venom down in the most unreal way. Warning: spoilers ahead for Avengers Forever #3!

Can Deadpool beat Venom?

Moon Knight realized that Deadpool killed Brock to take back the Venom Symbiote in his effort to kill Spider-Man. Also, he concludes that Deadpool defeated Venom by setting up his apartment with air horns to weaken the symbiote's bond.

Does Venom say the F word?

The F-word is dropped once in the movie, very briefly. This is one of the few Marvel movies that have the f-bomb in it and remain PG-13. There is one use of "turd" at the end of the film.

Is Venom OK for a 9 year old?

The movie is entertaining and funny. The special effects were fantastic, and the concept is very interesting: a human who walks around with a symbiotic parasite that protects him and others when necessary. It has a few jump-scares, but it is nothing that a 12- or 13-year-old can't handle.

How many F bombs are in Venom 2?

There's no drinking, smoking, or sexual content, which is nice. There is, on the other hand, more profanity than you'd typically find in a Marvel movie, with 13 scatological curses and one f-bomb.

What universe is Venom in?

Venom is a fictional character primarily voiced by Tom Hardy appearing in the Sony's Spider-Man Universe (SSU) media franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Will Venom be a villain in the MCU?

After many months of speculation and hoping, Geekosity just confirmed that Tom Hardy's Venom will go head-to-head with Peter Parker as the Spider-Man 4 villain.

Will Venom be in the MCU?

However, when asked by the press about this rumor, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige played coy about Venom's inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the post-credit scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, it was finally confirmed to fans that one of Parker's biggest villains had seemingly arrived in the MCU.

What is Venom's real name?

The most well-known Venom story revolves around the villain — and sometimes antihero —known as Eddie Brock. While Venom has had multiple hosts in comics over the years, the one that we (and the Symbiote) keep coming back to is a man known as Eddie Brock.

Is Venom killing Eddie?

It's never mentioned again and with Eddie and Venom back together by the end of the movie and no word on any sort of cure or compromise on their host relationship, things have surely gone back to the way they were before and Venom is killing Eddie.

Why Venom is afraid of red?

It could be that in the universe of the Venom movies, this type of strong bond is already known among the symbiotes to result in stronger specimens. This could explain why Venom is so fearful of facing an enemy with a ruddy hue.

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